Saturday 21st of April 2018

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  1. Presentations on Ramadan, Eid, and Islam to Calgary Board of Education and Private Schools
  2. Cultural Etiquette Crash Course - For tourists/business travelers to Arab/Muslim countries
  3. Volunteerism at the Alberta Children’s Hospital
  4. Arabic Calligraphy Course
  5. Differences in Perspective - A course on theological concepts within Islam
  6. 100 famous Arabic Quotes
  7. Presentations on Islamic Culture to Military Personnel Serving in Muslim Countries
  8. Family and Spiritual-Related Counseling
  9. Classical Books on Muslim Theology and History explained
  10. Translation of Arabic Books/Documents into English
  11. My Prayer Poster Click here to get My Prayer Poster




The above are provided on request. Please Contact Sultan Education Academy for more information.


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