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“To know what your Arab friends are saying”

“To Advance in my current job”

“To find employment at an oil company in the Middle-East”

“To travel abroad and visit the pyramids”

Whatever your reason, Arabic is a fascinating language, growing in popularity and increasingly is becoming a necessary language to know in the world of international business and education.

Did you know? Arabic is a beautiful and fascinating language, whose inception was in antiquity, that played a major role in the cultural and world-view of many civilizations. Nearly 1 out of every 12 Calgarians is exposed to Arabic on a daily basis and worldwide; there are 280 million native Arabic speakers. Today, Arabic is spoken by a wide range of ethnicities from North Africa to the Middle East to Asia thus covering a large part of our green planet.

Arabic, the language of the Quran, is considered the spiritual language of Islam – the world’s fastest growing religion. There are an estimated billion plus people who are Muslim worldwide, and roughly 8 million living in North America.

The benefit of learning this eloquent language provides a ticket to MORE in life…more of what – you may wonder and ask?

MORE opportunities since the job market are booming in oil-rich Arab countries as well as Canadian companies who work internationally and require Arabic speakers. The opportunities in Education, Trade, Tourism, Translation, Engineering, Medicine, the Petroleum industry, and Construction in the Arabic-speaking world are rapidly increasing.

+MORE education and culture since the Arabic language is very concise, artistic and beautifully poetic.

+MORE friends you can communicate with locally while eating out, at community events and even online.

+MORE exposure to our world’s religious and cultural diversity. Immigration to Canada has been steadily increasing since the 20th century. Even second and third generations may have grown up speaking Arabic and want to improve their comprehension abilities.

+MORE spiritual understanding since Arabic is the language of Islam’s holiest books: the Quran and Hadith (Prophetic traditions) and other scholarly works.

+MORE peace through communication and understanding. i.e. Understanding religious tenets is an invaluable asset, especially since Islam is sometimes misunderstood in the West. Our practice of peace and understanding can easily start with our friends, neighbors, co-workers and business partners. It’s not impossible that some day one of us may even contribute largely to world-peace because of our acquired Arabic language skills!J

+MORE places to travel and visit in Africa, the Middle East, South Asia and even some European nations which all have astounding Mosques, museums, tombs, and other sites of grandeur and beauty.

All these PLUSES simply = More Success!

Learning Arabic is a rewarding experience, whether short-term or long-term we have a program that suits your needs.

We invite you to the challenge to enjoy More in Life!

> Adult and youth Arabic immersion sessions for all levels now offered at S.E.A..

> Both: Group Sessions and Private Tutoring are now available.

> Classes are Small – never exceeding 8 students, Focused, Result-oriented and realistically Systemized.

> Reading, writing and comprehension are addressed in each session, and various techniques are used to engage and captivate our students.

> Our style is not limited to, but includes Arabic Plays, poems, meaningful stories and class dialogues.

We invite you to come and learn firsthand the Arabic language and culture at Sultan Education Academy. S.E.A. came to birth through the growing demand and interest of Calgarians.

S.E.A. is owned and operated by Mr. Sultan Kaddoura, a dynamic Arabic teacher who is native to Calgary and from Lebanese roots. Mr. Kaddoura studied Arabic as a second language from scratch in Philadelphia, mastering fluency in both: oral dialogue and written grammar formats.


The inauguration of Sultan Education Academy took place in 1998.


Take the challenge and visit us today!!

* Classes are very affordable,

* Flexible

* Yield results quickly!



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